As a youth, I have always had a great appreciation and love for music.  I began to playing and collecting music at 15year old. As I continued to grow as a DJ, I began to recognize that my ear for music and desire to excel in perfecting my craft was much greater than others in my high school peer group. 

 My musical studies continued at the collegiate level as I marched in the band at North Carolina Central University, learned about Live Sound Enhancement and began DJing.  As time passed my focus began to shift from playing instruments to controlling the sound. It became apparent to me that DJing was definitely my gift as I realized that my ability to connect with all types of people through my love for music was much easier than most.
 My background as a musician has truly played a major role in my appreciation for all genres of music and growth as a professional DJ. After graduation with a degree in Music History, I earned an Associate Degree in Radio Broadcasting from Central Carolina Community College. 

After graduation, I accepted a position with Raleigh FM radio station WQOK K97.5.  As a radio personality, I was able to develop my ability to speak publically in front of large groups of people at concerts, festival, school events, and corporate events.  As a professional DJ, I have had the opportunity to play for numerous nightclubs, bars concerts, corporate and several private events. 

There is no greater feeling than to know that I am able to touch others just by doing what I love to do, playing music. If you are looking for someone who really understands music and knows how to keep the party going, giving me a call so we can start planning your event today.


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